Blazewear Ceinture chauffante X9 lombaire Blazewear

This belt is ideal to relieve pain and lower back spasms during the winter. Heat on your back gives a feeling of well being by a relief muscle and relaxing. Powered by autonomous batteries.

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The heat belt X 9 was developed as part of the new range of products X and uses the latest technology of composite carbon fiber heating developed by Blazewear.

Thanks to its design lighter and more flexible than the first generation of electric belts, this new model offers more comfort for people who wish to wear during long hours at work or in the evening to relax.

The heat belt X 9 has a large heating surface covering the whole of the lower back and spine without spacing giving a diffuse heat on all its surface.

Transfers it to the heat is improved thanks to a new breathable inner lining allowing for the infrared rays to penetrate deeper in the back muscles to increase blood circulation and relieve back problems.

This heat belt fits perfectly in size and comes in two sizes: M less than 96 cm of waist L greater than 96 cm waist.

Be sure to watch our video to get more information by clicking on the "Vidéo" tab.


This heat belt comes with two rechargeable batteries 3.7V Lithium Polymer and 1 charger.




  • Heating elements on the whole of the back and the bottom of the column.
  • Very fine design and light, is worn under clothing.
  • Autonomous thanks to these 2 batteries.
  • Low weight battery (< 90 Gr).
  • Battery 3.7V * 3300mAh, Lithium Polymer.
  • Switch ON / OFF to turn on or turn off the heater.
  • Load 5 hours total time.
  • 2 temperature levels (1-Warm, 2-Hot).
  • For 2-3 hours with batteries of 1.5V and 3-4 with 3.7V battery.
  • Charger 2 standard takes this with 2 jacks.
  • Heating elements and batteries guarantee 1 year.
Size Guide:
  • Way - Should be up to 96cm waist
  • Grand - Should be up to 132cm waist


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